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Why is Good Enough Acceptable

Written by Dave Gallagher of Capture Integration. Dave Gallagher is the owner of a high end camera store in Atlanta and several other locations. His philosophy as stated below is apparent in his service to his customers. He runs an amazing business and he he has some amazing thoughts on whats good enough…take a read….Don… Read more »

Happy 99th Birthday Nikon.

Today is Nikons 99th birthday. Pretty impressive for any company, especially one who got through WWII. Intereting enough Nikon used to make lens’s for Canon. Nikon Corporation was established on 25 July 1917 when three leading optical manufacturers merged to form a comprehensive, fully integrated optical company known as Nippon Kōgaku Tōkyō K.K. Over the… Read more »


I would like to welcome everyone to my new blog. Yes thats me, unshaven and kick’n back before a test session in the studio. I will be sharing interesting topics and images of my clients. I’m pretty new to this blogging thing so excuse my mistakes as I muddle thru this process. Thanks for looking… Read more »

Welcome to your New Blog

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